Are you seeking more STEM beyond what we can provide?  Well we have just the thing for you.  Linked down below are some other helpful STEM sites.  Just click on the picture and have fun!


Scratch is a simple and fun coding language for all ages! 

Unleash your creativity with this great program made by MIT


For the more advanced coders out there, we have Codecademy.  Codecademy offers free lessons on multitudes of coding languages such as Python, Java, and much more!  Create a free account today!

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an all-inclusive learning website.  Need help studying for that math test? Go to Khan Academy.  What about getting that great score on that standardized test?  Go to Khan Academy.  And what's the best part?  It's free! 

Bedtime Math

Dear Parents, Bedtime Math is an engaging way for younger kids to get excited about math!  Kids can have fun doing math without even realizing it! They have published books, a website, and a mobile app! Check it out and get started today!