Our Team

Avi is a senior at The Pingry School class of 2021.  He has a passion for STEM subjects, especially robotics.  He was a co-founder of his middle school competitive math team.  Avi, along with Alec, was the NJ state champion for the 2015-2016 Vex IQ robotics competition, earning a spot at the 2016 Vex World Robotics Competition.  Avi decided to put his knowledge and passion for STEM towards getting other kids excited about and into the subjects he loves.

Avi Shah


Sachin Sahay

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Head of Programming

Sachin is a senior in the class of 2021 at Millburn High School.  He is the lead programmer, website, and app designer of ReachSTEM.  Sachin is a brilliant programmer and mathematician, having scored high enough on the AMC 10 test to qualify for the AIME, a very difficult math test.  Without Sachin, ReachSTEM would not have the amount of influence it does now.

Fernando Didier


Head of Operations

Fernando is a senior at Millburn High School class of 2021.  His main focus is to determine what makes the cut in the live demonstrations and what doesn't.  Fernando is the reason for our huge success with our first event.  Going forward, Fernando will be a valuable asset for connecting with other schools and growing the organization.  His continued effort towards getting more kids into STEM is always appreciated.

Ethan Hong 

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Head of Marketing and Advertising

Ethan is a senior in the class of 2021 at Morristown-Beard School. He is part of the Business Financial Investment Club at his school and is very active with community service, working with special needs kids and at food banks.  Ethan helps coordinate all ReachSTEM events as well as all social media marketing. Ethan's organizational and outreach skills help ReachSTEM engage a larger audience.

Alec Nagpal 

Head of Public Relations 

Alec is a senior in the class of 2021 at Morristown-Beard School. He and Avi were the state champions for the 2015-2016 Vex IQ Robotics Competitions. When it comes to building relationships, Alec is the person to talk to. He talks to the principals of the schools and schedules all the demos ReachSTEM does. He is full of energy and wants to share his STEM experience with others.


Ainsli is a sophomore at The Pingry School.  She has been at all the demos and works hard to improve each experience. As ReachSTEM's Treasurer, she manages all project and event expenses.

Heading 6Treasurer

Ainsli Shah

Luis Figueroa

Head of Outreach

Luis is a current senior at KIPP Newark Collegiate Academy.  He is a member of the very first FTC robotics team at his school, and hopes to share his passion for STEM with those who will follow in his footsteps. He is currently working on getting the program into more schools in Newark.

Our Demo Volunteers

We would like to thank anyone else who has participated and helped out with any of our STEM demonstrations!