Programs and Scholarships

Engineering for Kids

Engineering for Kids is an organization that runs classes, camps, and even parties to promote all kinds of STEM programs.  With 100 different locations in the US, and 9 in New Jersey, EFK should get you excited for STEM.


NYU STEM Summer Programs

Enjoy the experience of learning STEM in the awesome environment of New York City.  NYU has compiled a great list of different summer programs all around the city which makes for a great way to get a STEM-filled summer! 


Our Team has compiled a list of STEM related programs and scholarships in New Jersey and the surrounding area.

Robot Revolution

Robot Revolution is a great place to build, program, and compete with Robots. Use Vex and Vex IQ Robotics and learn how to build, program, and compete with your own robot made from scratch!


International Ivy

International Ivy programs are summer programs for ages 3 - 15 in all sorts of STEM related categories.  They have many locations across NJ and are a great way to get involved with STEM, especially at a younger age.